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Urinetown…The Production

Adney Silva, Staff Writer

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By Adney Silva ’18

Xaverian’s production of Urinetown was a massive success! After losing a number of integral seniors from last year’s production of Catch Me If You Can, there was a bit of worry going into this Dramatics season. However, this year’s cast brought their A-game and put on an excellent performance. Through a lot of rough patches, over 8 roles ended up not being played by the original student cast! Despite all of these difficulties, Dramatics continued to please their audience.

Urinetown revolves around a dystopian society where people need to pay a fee to use the bathroom. Eventually, the poor people of the community tire of scraping together pennies to access what was once a basic amenity. Their leader, Bobby Strong, starts a revolution against the wealthy few that are controlling the government. The suspense builds as the people fight against Urine Good Company (UGC), the tyrants of the plot, and strive to “pee for free!” Unfortunately, the UGC tricks Bobby Strong to his demise, which sparks sparks the rebellion to succeed and take over the Company. This takeover led to the ultimate downfall of society as the drought swallowed the people.

In review, I believe this show has a lot of depth. Each character makes fun of the stereotypical broadway character. For example, Bobby Strong makes fun of a typical extremely passionate boy lead in broadway. Everything is exaggerated and I honestly think the premise is extremely well thought out. In all honesty, no matter how many times we have ran this show, I will always laugh so hard! The show is simply hilarious! I truly believe that we did a good job delivering the humor and conveying the premise. I had such an awesome time putting together this show with an even more awesome group of people.

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Urinetown…The Production